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Queen Victoria Market again


Today I went Queen Victoria Market again.
I observed inside again, because I noticed that I had not gone around all of this.


It seems to shops of vegitables and fruits are separated by center road.
There are cloths and sundries shops in this area.
I could not understand differences of this, but it is better because I can choice from many things.

Buthcers had big voice as usual.

And, this is indoors markets that I couldn’t notice before.
That links a buildin of meat and fish. There are many small shops.
It resemblance a Gibli’s animation.
Hams and sausages that was put in front of shops looked like yummy!

There are not only kinds of meat, but also cheeses, dips, chocolates, sundries, and honeies.
It seem to place mainly processed foods.

Moreover, a hotdog (it called sausage in here) that have so much cheese and onion are delicious!
I was so excited like a child.

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A short trip in Melbourne city


We got used to live in Melbourne a little.
We went a short trip in Melbourne city.

Firstly, we walked arround the Queen St. and watched Australian buldings.
Melbourne has both old and new buildings.
It is amazing for me, because we usually rebuild a building after over about 50years.
The main reason is earthquakes.
But in here, there are so many old buildings. There is practically no earthquakes.

This is a free trum. This trum is running arround the city for free. But another trum has a charge.

This is ACMI.(Australian Centre for the Moving Image)
There are many videos, photos, games, and other medim. You can play Mario cart Wii in here.

This is one of the interface to choice the infomation.
Probably that is projected from ceil, and sensing by a camera.
You can choice the light ball by your finger. I have also seen some works like this in

This picture is taken along Yarra river.
Look that cafe! That cafe is on the river, and you can go from half of the bridge!
I have never try that place, but I wanna try.

From that bridge.
The light over there is from stadium. On the night, skyscraper is so nice.

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Queen Victoria Market


Today, we went to Queen Victoria Market that is very close from my home!

Here is very famouse market in Melbourne.
There are tourists as well as local people.
Sooooooo many items are sold meat, fish, vegitable, fruit, clothes, shoes, electorical appliance, furniture, convenience goods, and etc…
You can buy any items in life.

Looking in butcher area, a few ancles shouted for invite customers are great!
I impressed that that ancles has same feeling in the world. lol

Convenience area is filled by items.
It looks like a Chinese market, or perhaps there were many Chinese staffs.

This hammock’s cost is just $150! I little want this.
I will usually come here, because this place is close to my house!

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Aussie Beef!!


I went Coals again.
Viewing the meats, I found a cheap steak.
About $5 per each.
Speaking of Australia, it is ausseie beef.
Then we bought two peaces of T-bone steak.
We cooked that when we went back home, but so big…
I could cook somehow by a big pan.

The price was cheap, so the meat was little bit stiff but cooking was soso.
It was Australia!!
I could understand that the peaple who come here will get

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Australian Japanese Restaurant


4th day in Melbourne.
I already miss Japanese food, then we will go Japanse restaurant near my house named “Menya”!
This restaurant’s main menu is noodle and donburi.

Itttttt is Japaneeeese Fooood!!!
I ordered Pork leg noodle because I was excited.
Waiting a serves, I viewd other foods.

It usually seemed to Japanse food, but a few foods was not saw in Japan….
Sea food udon…?
Tonkatsu ramen…?
It seemed to have high calories.

Then I got a pork leg noodle, but something different…
I got used to Japanese noodle except pork leg.
So, it is not enough especially soup and noodle.
I felt somthing different little by little.
I realized that how much bless about the noodles in Japan.

To tell the truth, the owner of Japanese restaurant in here is usually Chinese or Korean.
So it is difficult to find good Japanese restaurant.
From now, my treasure hunting of good noodle is started.

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first Supermarket


Today, I went to supermarket named “Coals”, that is most famous supermaket in here.
I like to go to supermaket in abroad.
I can feel a life in overseas.
And usually, it is more colorful than Japan.

After Calls, we went sightseeing slightly.
This is Flinders station that is like a Indian building.
I heard Flinders station is built by Indian architect.

This is Federation square in front of Flinders station.
It called “square”, because many buildings are combinated.
There are a lot of event spaces, museums, hall, restrant, etc…

By the way, in Japan it was summer when we departed, but naturally this is just winter now in here.
It is not colder than Japan, but I feel cold….

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2nd day in Melbourne


2nd day in Melbourne.
The people, who come Australia by workingholiday visa, has to submit documents to immigration office at first.
Therefore, I went IAE again
to let them do that.

The day before, we hadn’t have long time because of lost and missed a flight,
I would let them do that applications.

We had written a few documents and gotten some restraun’s infomation, magazine of Japanese cominuty and infomation of mobile phone.Then we had walken in the city.

Today’s dinner’s infomation was gotten IAE from a little while ago. They suggested that if you wanna eat meats, you should go there. That is “Stalactites” which is Greek restraunt.
I found later, that is unusually restraunt in here be opend 24 hours. I heared very famouse.

Then, I saw the menu…. oh, I couldn’t understand so much…

Firstly, I couldn’t anything because I am not good for Greek food.
I ordered some foods, the staff tell me the traditional foods named “Souvlaki”, some soup, and side dishes at last.

Souvlaki is bottom right of a photo.
Thinking about meats was pushed closely is correct.
Tastes was so goooood!! I wanted to come this restraunt.



First contact with Japanese food


After arrived first stay, we went a Korean market which is close by our first stay. We hearded from our stay’s owner that this market has many Japanese food materials.

Just at the moment when I arrived, I was soooo surprised! Although that was Korean maket, there were soooooo many Japanese food as real Japanese market.
I realized that we won’t to be poor of Japanese food. lol

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Arrived at Melbourne


I arrived at Melbourne during got some accidents.
I had ridden SkyBus, which is only public transport connecting city with airport, for about 30minuts. That costs is $16, which is one way, or $26, which is two way. This bus reach Southerncross station.

Skybus ticket counter

After arrived Southerncross station, immediately we lost my way. We had wanted to go to Japanese students agency named IAE.
However we didn’t know streets and ways. We found IAE somehow after 2hours!!
(Usually 30min is enough)

Anyway, we got some infomation in IAE, then we went our first stay.

Our first stay is north of Melbourne CBD.
We found this stay at internet board DENGON NET.
This is one of the most famous media in Melbourne Japanese.
We found that house when we had been in Japan. That house’s owner is Kiwi and Japanese couple, and they had showed their house by Skype. During their Europe trip for 3weeks, we rent their house.

Our Melbourne life is starting!!!



Transfer in Sydney


Eventually, we have arrived to Melbourne!!!
The way was too long. I spent over 12 hours and got some accidents.

My routes had 2 transfer. The problem is second one it’s Sydney airport!
I had to transfer in Sydney to go to Melbourne, but I had to pass immigration check before transfer.
However, immigration check is tooooo loooong!!! We had been waiting over 1 hours.
When I was arriving transfer reception, our flights had already gone….
Accordingly we had to wait about 2 hours in Sydney airport….


Honestly, We might have used a short cut at immigration check.
I heard something for transfer customer by announce. So I asked a staff we have to transfer, but he said only “O.K.”.
So I thought to wait for a immigration check was not problem…

Fortunately, We didn’t need to pay extra costs, but someone has to pay at times. Be careful to transfering time.