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Australian Japanese Restaurant


4th day in Melbourne.
I already miss Japanese food, then we will go Japanse restaurant near my house named “Menya”!
This restaurant’s main menu is noodle and donburi.

Itttttt is Japaneeeese Fooood!!!
I ordered Pork leg noodle because I was excited.
Waiting a serves, I viewd other foods.

It usually seemed to Japanse food, but a few foods was not saw in Japan….
Sea food udon…?
Tonkatsu ramen…?
It seemed to have high calories.

Then I got a pork leg noodle, but something different…
I got used to Japanese noodle except pork leg.
So, it is not enough especially soup and noodle.
I felt somthing different little by little.
I realized that how much bless about the noodles in Japan.

To tell the truth, the owner of Japanese restaurant in here is usually Chinese or Korean.
So it is difficult to find good Japanese restaurant.
From now, my treasure hunting of good noodle is started.

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