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Japan Culture Festival


I participated in Japan culture and art festival as a stuff of a shop as I wrote before.
I decided to participate to this festival about 1 month ago.
Originally, the reason why I joined this festival was I had thought I want to do something in Melbourne.

And another reason was I met Sayoko, jewelry designer in Objet, as a accident in a cafe.
I have never expected to participate with people who met an accident.
This is an encounter!!

Sayoko displayed accessories made by herself,
I displayed T-shirts and Chisato displayed scrunchies made by herself.

Preparing shop. まだ開店前

We gathered at 8:30 am to borrow a desk from Japaneasy’s staff.
However, I prepared slowly because other people who would open their shops were not arrived yet.


Around 11:00 am, many guests come into the festival.
And very long line was made in front of our shop, because we were next to the takayaki shop.
I can’t despise takayaki.

The line to eat takayaki. This is not longest line… たこやき行列。これでも短くなった時です・・・

Taking a photo with Tatsuya who helps a face painting work shops. フェイスペインティングを手伝っていたタツヤくんと

My T-shirts shop was looked by people who likes Japanese design.
And young peoples who seemed to smart, bought my T-shirts.
I caught a peace of idea that is what kind of design is popular in here.

This is Sayoko’s part.

Our shop was outside, and there were live musics and workshops in the Collingwood hall.
(however, I couldn’t check this because of my shop…)
In spite of this festival was second time, there were so many people due to staffs.

I could look the live music in the end.

The best thing in this festival is participated to this festival!
I could meet many people and tought trying at first was good for me.
I will do something in Melbourne more and more!!

And friends, Sayoko and Chisato thank you so much!!

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I am going to participate in “Japan culture and art festival” at next Sunday, 27 November!

In that I am going to open T-shirts shop!
I ordered at online to print T-shirts to printing company that I found in here.
And I will sell “takawo cup” official T-shits as well.

Come to think of it, this is first time for me that sell items which I made.




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Farewell okonomiyaki


We got okonomiyaki party because we are going to move from this house!

Okonomiyaki is famous in here but it is said to eating in restaurant is not good.
(but I have never try)

In that we bought a okonomiyaki flour, cabbage, pork and etc in asian grocery then we made okonomiyaki!


It contains prown!
I want to eat again…


I added okonomiyaki sauce and manyonaise,
and we got bulgogi and Cheyupokkun made by share mates!
Well, we will have to say good bye to them….


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This is first time for me that go to Karaoke in Melbourne.
I went to Karaoke with my friends Donny and Huston.
However Korean karaoke is more popular in here.
I experienced Korean karaoke for the first time in Melbourne!

Of course lyrics are written in Hangul.

Remote controller is also written in Hangul.

The Song list is also written in Hangul.

I caaaaan’t reaaaad!!!
Barely I found a Japanese song list.
(it make Japanese lyrics)

And that was great atmosphere because of illuminations.
That was very showy.

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First BBQ


Today, I experienced BBQ at first time in language school’s activity.
It was little bit cold by winter.

What amazing we can use BBQ machine for free in a park.

The BBQ machine is operated by electric, I have to push the button at fixed interval.
It is large-minded that allows to use for free!
By the way, BBQ in here is dynamic as I thought!!



New share house!


We moved the new share house from today!
New all sharemates are Korean guy.
I have written before, there are so many Korean in Melbourne city, but not much than Sydney I heared.

Then we had a samgyeopsal party for us and other share mate who will leave soon.
Not the birthplace but I ate like a real Korean!

Firstly grilled porks and dip soy pastes, then roll by lettuce with rice and eat.

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Mag nation


“Mag nation” which is along Elithabeth Street sell coffees at the register on ground floor in spite of a book store.
You can read books drinking a coffee on the seat at first level.
Even this point is funny, but also there are so many books about designs.

The shop has 3 stories.
The second level is for design books.
I am attracted by a display of books.
I want to come here at fixed intervals.

Walking in the city, I found a indoors like a shopping arcade!
Gibli or Horry Potter might be like this!
It was seemed to be twinkle.
The shops which is old but livery is an unusual, because I couldn’t watch like this in Japan.

There were so many Matryoshka. lol

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Queen Victoria Market again


Today I went Queen Victoria Market again.
I observed inside again, because I noticed that I had not gone around all of this.


It seems to shops of vegitables and fruits are separated by center road.
There are cloths and sundries shops in this area.
I could not understand differences of this, but it is better because I can choice from many things.

Buthcers had big voice as usual.

And, this is indoors markets that I couldn’t notice before.
That links a buildin of meat and fish. There are many small shops.
It resemblance a Gibli’s animation.
Hams and sausages that was put in front of shops looked like yummy!

There are not only kinds of meat, but also cheeses, dips, chocolates, sundries, and honeies.
It seem to place mainly processed foods.

Moreover, a hotdog (it called sausage in here) that have so much cheese and onion are delicious!
I was so excited like a child.

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Queen Victoria Market


Today, we went to Queen Victoria Market that is very close from my home!

Here is very famouse market in Melbourne.
There are tourists as well as local people.
Sooooooo many items are sold meat, fish, vegitable, fruit, clothes, shoes, electorical appliance, furniture, convenience goods, and etc…
You can buy any items in life.

Looking in butcher area, a few ancles shouted for invite customers are great!
I impressed that that ancles has same feeling in the world. lol

Convenience area is filled by items.
It looks like a Chinese market, or perhaps there were many Chinese staffs.

This hammock’s cost is just $150! I little want this.
I will usually come here, because this place is close to my house!

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Aussie Beef!!


I went Coals again.
Viewing the meats, I found a cheap steak.
About $5 per each.
Speaking of Australia, it is ausseie beef.
Then we bought two peaces of T-bone steak.
We cooked that when we went back home, but so big…
I could cook somehow by a big pan.

The price was cheap, so the meat was little bit stiff but cooking was soso.
It was Australia!!
I could understand that the peaple who come here will get

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