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A short trip in Melbourne city


We got used to live in Melbourne a little.
We went a short trip in Melbourne city.

Firstly, we walked arround the Queen St. and watched Australian buldings.
Melbourne has both old and new buildings.
It is amazing for me, because we usually rebuild a building after over about 50years.
The main reason is earthquakes.
But in here, there are so many old buildings. There is practically no earthquakes.

This is a free trum. This trum is running arround the city for free. But another trum has a charge.

This is ACMI.(Australian Centre for the Moving Image)
There are many videos, photos, games, and other medim. You can play Mario cart Wii in here.

This is one of the interface to choice the infomation.
Probably that is projected from ceil, and sensing by a camera.
You can choice the light ball by your finger. I have also seen some works like this in

This picture is taken along Yarra river.
Look that cafe! That cafe is on the river, and you can go from half of the bridge!
I have never try that place, but I wanna try.

From that bridge.
The light over there is from stadium. On the night, skyscraper is so nice.

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