I'm a Japanese web designer living in Melbourne Australia.
I write about life in here.



Arrived at Melbourne


I arrived at Melbourne during got some accidents.
I had ridden SkyBus, which is only public transport connecting city with airport, for about 30minuts. That costs is $16, which is one way, or $26, which is two way. This bus reach Southerncross station.

Skybus ticket counter

After arrived Southerncross station, immediately we lost my way. We had wanted to go to Japanese students agency named IAE.
However we didn’t know streets and ways. We found IAE somehow after 2hours!!
(Usually 30min is enough)

Anyway, we got some infomation in IAE, then we went our first stay.

Our first stay is north of Melbourne CBD.
We found this stay at internet board DENGON NET.
This is one of the most famous media in Melbourne Japanese.
We found that house when we had been in Japan. That house’s owner is Kiwi and Japanese couple, and they had showed their house by Skype. During their Europe trip for 3weeks, we rent their house.

Our Melbourne life is starting!!!



Transfer in Sydney


Eventually, we have arrived to Melbourne!!!
The way was too long. I spent over 12 hours and got some accidents.

My routes had 2 transfer. The problem is second one it’s Sydney airport!
I had to transfer in Sydney to go to Melbourne, but I had to pass immigration check before transfer.
However, immigration check is tooooo loooong!!! We had been waiting over 1 hours.
When I was arriving transfer reception, our flights had already gone….
Accordingly we had to wait about 2 hours in Sydney airport….


Honestly, We might have used a short cut at immigration check.
I heard something for transfer customer by announce. So I asked a staff we have to transfer, but he said only “O.K.”.
So I thought to wait for a immigration check was not problem…

Fortunately, We didn’t need to pay extra costs, but someone has to pay at times. Be careful to transfering time.



Departure to Australia from Nagoya.


Finally, the day is comming.
I am going to be in Melbourne Australia after 12hours.
I couldn’t realize that before. Even now, that feelings doesn’t come enough.
However, I have prepared many things for last 3month in order to today.

Before I knows, I wanna live overseas someday. In order to realize that world is huge and experience other cultures.
I have to say thank you so much for my friends, boss, co-worker, and family. This travels make me happy and strong.