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Japan Culture Festival


I participated in Japan culture and art festival as a stuff of a shop as I wrote before.
I decided to participate to this festival about 1 month ago.
Originally, the reason why I joined this festival was I had thought I want to do something in Melbourne.

And another reason was I met Sayoko, jewelry designer in Objet, as a accident in a cafe.
I have never expected to participate with people who met an accident.
This is an encounter!!

Sayoko displayed accessories made by herself,
I displayed T-shirts and Chisato displayed scrunchies made by herself.

Preparing shop. まだ開店前

We gathered at 8:30 am to borrow a desk from Japaneasy’s staff.
However, I prepared slowly because other people who would open their shops were not arrived yet.


Around 11:00 am, many guests come into the festival.
And very long line was made in front of our shop, because we were next to the takayaki shop.
I can’t despise takayaki.

The line to eat takayaki. This is not longest line… たこやき行列。これでも短くなった時です・・・

Taking a photo with Tatsuya who helps a face painting work shops. フェイスペインティングを手伝っていたタツヤくんと

My T-shirts shop was looked by people who likes Japanese design.
And young peoples who seemed to smart, bought my T-shirts.
I caught a peace of idea that is what kind of design is popular in here.

This is Sayoko’s part.

Our shop was outside, and there were live musics and workshops in the Collingwood hall.
(however, I couldn’t check this because of my shop…)
In spite of this festival was second time, there were so many people due to staffs.

I could look the live music in the end.

The best thing in this festival is participated to this festival!
I could meet many people and tought trying at first was good for me.
I will do something in Melbourne more and more!!

And friends, Sayoko and Chisato thank you so much!!

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