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First BBQ


Today, I experienced BBQ at first time in language school’s activity.
It was little bit cold by winter.

What amazing we can use BBQ machine for free in a park.

The BBQ machine is operated by electric, I have to push the button at fixed interval.
It is large-minded that allows to use for free!
By the way, BBQ in here is dynamic as I thought!!



Crown Casino!


Today is last school day of my classmate “Ryan”.
What’s amazing! He brought Korean rice cakes to the school.
We took the cake in break time.
Rice cake, that is similer to Japanese “Mochi”, is named “Tok”.
Tok is a little sweeter and harder.
Oh Ryan, you will go baaaack.

After the school, we were taken to go to dinner by Yu who is IAE’s agent.
Firstly, we went “Hu Tong Dumpling Bar” that is top of Chiese dumplings shop in Melbourne!
I took a dumpling to my mouth… this is so delicisou…
I have eaten Chinese dumplings in Shanghai, but this is as delicious as that.
This tasty experience is more than made up for I’ve never been good restraunts in here.
However, if you want to go here, you have to reserve over 1 week before.
I am regretting didn’t take a picture…

After that, we wanted more drinks, so we went “Crown Casino” that was listened in many rumores!
Althogh we didn’t bet, the purpose was restrant that is established the casino!
And I got my great favorite food Oyster!!(First picture)
Oysters is popular foods. The reason is I heared Oysters is caught in the sea near here.
However the peaple living here is prefer a grilled oyster.

And we also ate blue mussels boiled in tomato sauce that was veeeery tasty!
Today was also veeery delicious!