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2nd day in Melbourne


2nd day in Melbourne.
The people, who come Australia by workingholiday visa, has to submit documents to immigration office at first.
Therefore, I went IAE again
to let them do that.

The day before, we hadn’t have long time because of lost and missed a flight,
I would let them do that applications.

We had written a few documents and gotten some restraun’s infomation, magazine of Japanese cominuty and infomation of mobile phone.Then we had walken in the city.

Today’s dinner’s infomation was gotten IAE from a little while ago. They suggested that if you wanna eat meats, you should go there. That is “Stalactites” which is Greek restraunt.
I found later, that is unusually restraunt in here be opend 24 hours. I heared very famouse.

Then, I saw the menu…. oh, I couldn’t understand so much…

Firstly, I couldn’t anything because I am not good for Greek food.
I ordered some foods, the staff tell me the traditional foods named “Souvlaki”, some soup, and side dishes at last.

Souvlaki is bottom right of a photo.
Thinking about meats was pushed closely is correct.
Tastes was so goooood!! I wanted to come this restraunt.