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Ryan fare well tour


Today, I arounded Melbourne because Ryan who I met in language school would go back his home!

Firstly we went Hosier Lane which suggested by Ryan.
There are so many graffiti on the walls!
I know Melbourne is famous city about graffiti.
Usually, stencils and graffities are illegal but I think it is allowed to draw a graffiti.
I saw a few young people who were tagging on other day.

There are a lot of graffiti all over the place!

I love this! Cool!!

This restaurant is awesome include the graffiti….(It already opened)
I heard this restaurant is famous in Melbourne.

Then we went St.kilda beach which was still cold.
Nobody was swam in the sea because of early Spring.
However in the Summer, there are too cloudy….

And penguins are living in here!
I watched only one penguin in that time.

Then we went Botanical Gardens on the way of back to the city.
This park is so huge! we couldn’t watch all of here on this day.
This day was so great but Ryan would go back…

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